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Title: Our Purpose
Post by: doyos on October 24, 2008, 05:10:12 am
The purpose of Vana is not to replace or compete with any services provided by Nexon of America, its subsidiaries, partner Corporations, or anyone else officially affiliated with its activities or services. Vana is not about playing a game, it is about learning to program an MMORPG and to be a part of a massive programming project which involves working with other people, maintaining large amounts of code, learning about advanced programming methods, and furthering programming skills in an effort to improve knowledge. The service provided by Nexon is an experience of its own and if you want to play a game please make an account on their website proceed to use their service.

Vana is licensed under the GNU GPL and is therefore released without warranty and is free as in speech. That said, we cannot choose how the users of Vana will choose to use the software, nor are we responsible for their actions.